Red Dragon Trophy Wall Mount


This is a beautifully realistic red dragon head, mounted taxidermy style on a wooden base. It would be a magnificent addition to a fantasy-themed game room, or a medieval tavern wall – or anyplace else you choose to display it!

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I crafted this dragon head mount using one of my older style of lizardman masks (I don’t have those anymore, but I do have an updated resin lizardman mask available), a pair of resin horns, and slitted glass eyes. Everything else was hand-sculpted using a very strong but lightweight epoxy material over a base of wood and cardboard. The oval base is made from stained pine wood and the dragon is attached to it securely with both screws and epoxy glue.

See Building the Red Dragon Trophy if you’d like to know more about how I put it together!

The scales are painted in vivid shades of red, darker on top and lighter on the bottom, and I gave them a wash of darker color to bring out every detail. The horns are done in shades of brown and similarly detailed. The eyes are a vivid golden-yellow and made from glass cabochons, giving them a beautifully realistic look.

This is a fairly large piece, 16″ from the wall to the front of the snout, and 16″ tall. The wooden base measures 14″ tall by 11″ wide.

Because of the materials I crafted it from, this sculpture is both sturdy and lightweight, weighing in at about 5 lbs total. A pair of keyhole hangers are attached to the back, as well as felt pads to protect your wall. You can see how the back of the piece looks below.

To mount it on the wall, all you’ll need is a pair of screws appropriate to your wall type and able to support a weight of 5lbs or more.

Important: Please note that this is an art sculpture, NOT a toy. It should be kept out of reach of young children and pets. Children must NOT be allowed to climb on it or attempt to hang from it, as it will not stand that amount of weight and may come loose from the base or from the wall.


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