Rush Orders

What is a Rush Order?

Many of my pieces - mask blanks, horns, props, and other items - are made-to-order. When I receive an order for a made-to-order item, it goes in a queue to be cast, cleaned, and shipped in the order I received it.

Made-to-order items in the shop generally have a turnaround time of 14 business days (2 weeks). Some more complicated pieces, like the lizardman and turian mask kits, have a turnaround time of 21 business days (3 weeks).

A Rush Order upgrade is an additional fee added to all eligible made-to-order items in your shopping cart. When I receive a rush order, I complete that order outside of my normal working hours so as to send it out as quickly as possible.

How do I request a Rush Order?

Add the item or items you want to your Shopping Cart. If the order is eligible for Rush Order processing, you will see an Add Rush Order checkbox along with the price and processing time.

Please note that if I am already working on a rush order for another customer, the option will not be available. The nature of rush orders means that I can only realistically handle one at a time. Please check back the next business day.

How long does a Rush Order take?

Most Rush Orders ship within 2 business days, but some more complicated items take longer. You can see the processing time for your specific order next to the Add Rush Order checkbox in the Shopping Cart.

When you click Add Rush Order, your order total will be updated and the processing time will display the date by which your order will ship.

Please note - Adding Rush Order processing decreases the processing time, not the shipping time! Once shipped, USPS shipping times apply. USPS First Class may take up to 10 days, USPS Priority typically arrives in 1-3 days. DUE TO CUSTOMS PROCESSING, INTERNATIONAL ORDERS MAY TAKE UP TO 8 WEEKS REGARDLESS OF SHIPPING TYPE.