Pogo the SpiderGoyle

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Pogo the SpiderGoyle

Pogo is not one for the arachnophobes! I adore spiders, but most especially salticidae – jumping spiders, which Pogo here is based on.

They’re characterized by two huge eyes (though they have six more) and have some of the best eyesight among invertebrates. They have to, because, like their name implies, they are amazing jumpers! They are also active hunters, not the kind of spider that sits around a web waiting for prey to come to it. Heh, can you tell I’m more than a little fascinated by these guys?

Pogo is made from a particular type of polymer clay with flecks of color in it that make it resemble granite. I also did some texturing on the surface and a wash of black acrylic to bring out the details, as well as some touches of mossy green.

Pogo found a home at Phoenix Comicon 2014!