Commission: Sad Grim Reaper Costume

Commission: Sad Grim Reaper Costume

Here’s a wonderfully unique commission project I worked on. Local artist Annie Dunn from Chaos in Color asked me to help bring one of her pieces of artwork to life! The art is called “Teddy Bear and the Reaper”, and it’s hard not to fall in love with that sweet, sad skelly face.

My portions of the costume were the mask and the scythe. The mask was sculpted in oil-based clay, molded, cast in urethane resin, and painted with spray primer and acrylics. The scythe is made from two different types of foam, built around a solid core, and painted to look like wood and weathered metal. The top portion of the scythe, just below the blade, can be unscrewed to allow for easy transportation. More details about the scythe and how it was made can be found on the Reaper Scythe Prop page.

The beautifully crafted robe was done by Maise Designs.

Matted and canvas wrap prints of “Teddy Bear and the Reaper” are available over on Annie’s website!

Original artwork and final costume, side-by-side!

Sculpting the mask:

Molding the mask in silicone rubber:

Cast mask test fitting and final paint job:

The finished scythe prop; more pictures and construction details can be found on the Reaper Scythe Prop page.