Dragon Age Inquisitor Helm Collaboration

Dragon Age Inquisitor Helm Collaboration

This is the Inquisitor’s helm from the upcoming game Dragon Age: Inquisition, featured as one of the iconic pieces of gear that the character you play as can wear in-game. The helm build was a collaboration between myself and Allen from Allen Amis Creations. He crafted the main helm and dragon wing facial guards, and I sculpted the dragon head, scaled and spiky crest, and the scale patches along each side. We worked together on the molding process for each piece.

These helms are available as an unpainted kit or as a finished, painted costume piece from Allen’s Etsy store.

I painted my pull of the helm to resemble weathered bronze metal. Allen did a gunmetal version for his; both are pictured below.

A close-up of my bronze version of the helm:

Allen’s gunmetal paint job on one of his helms:

Anabel Martinez wearing her DA:I Inquisitor costume featuring the helm (and a beautiful chestplate build by Allen as well) at PAX East 2014.

Some in-progress pictures of the sculpture work I did for this project: