Mass Effect: Male and Female Turian Masks

Mass Effect: Male and Female Turian Masks

I’m making some turians! These are a little different from how Garrus was done; the face plates and mandibles are cast resin pieces rather than latex, but the overall principle is similar.

These masks are being made to as closely resemble the in-game aliens from Mass Effect as possible. The face is set a few inches in front of the wearer’s face (less so for the females), which better matches a turian’s profile. The wearer sees through several areas – the space around the eyes, through the nose and mouth, and through a few cutout sections in other parts of the mask. The turian eyes are made of glass and give a wonderfully realistic look!

Want a mask?


Work-in-progress photos

Female mask sculpting:

Female and male mask molds (see also: Female Turian Mask in Progress):

Comparison between male and female mask faceplates:

Sculpting the lower jaws (and crest for the male mask):

Female and male mandibles:

Eyes and teeth: