Spider Mask

Spider Mask

I wanted to make something weird and unique… and I love spiders, so that was an easy decision!

This spider mask is pretty much based on the family Salticidae, better known as jumping spiders – in other words, those little fellows so popular in macro photography because a close-up of their large main eyes and curious mannerisms is just ridiculously cute at times. I didn’t base the sculpt on any particular species, just let my imagination work.

The mask features quite a lot of detail work, as these spiders have faces covered in fine fur. Notice for the additional eyes, I used a number of different rounded objects in lieu of trying to sculpt perfectly round, flat surfaces myself. It’s a useful trick I use often! See Tip: Using Pre-made Objects while Sculpting. 🙂

I also crafted this strange little shape, so I could use it to add pedipalps to the masks if I so wished. Pedipalps are the small, jointed feelers on either side of a spider’s face; you can see them in the finished mask example at the top of the page.

My molding process is pretty much the same as always – Brush on coats of Rebound 25 silicone and then create a two-piece mold shell from FreeForm Air. About the only unique trick I did this time around is that I used my airbrush compressor to ensure the first layer of silicone got into every little detail of that furry face!

Here’s the first blank cast from the new mold – turned out very well!

At Tucson Comic Con 2015, we even invented a new superhero – Spider-Spider Man! (If anyone happens to know the name of the Spidey cosplayer, let me know so I can credit him!)

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