Dragon Age: Cullen Lion Helm

Dragon Age: Cullen Lion Helm

When the trailers for Dragon Age Inquisition first came out, many of us were quite ecstatic to see Cullen wearing this beautiful, shining lion helm! While the helm never made it into the final game, it’s still considered to be… eh, “canon enough” for Ser Rutherford.

My friend Allen (of Allen Amis Creations) and I wanted to bring this concept helm to life, so we teamed up. I crafted the sculpture, and he handles molding and casting.

Sculptures never start out looking too impressive, but it’s important to get the overall shape and symmetry right before moving on to detail work.

This is the final sculpture. There are a couple of pieces I pre-made and cast in resin to ensure they’d be identical on both sides. It’s a little trick I describe here: Tip: Using Pre-made Objects while Sculpting

Allen has castings of the helm available over in his shop, AllenAmisCreations on Etsy. The beautiful silver version of the helm was also finished by him.