Krampus / Horned Demon Mask

Krampus / Horned Demon Mask

This toothy beast was initially created to be a Krampus mask – my own design, with a somewhat more animalistic look. It’s got a goatlike nose, canine jaws, and big curving horns. The photo above is my first painted version of this mask, done as a monstrous stone gargoyle.

The mask started as a sculpture in oil-based Monster Clay. As you can see, I created the horns ahead of time as a separate sculpture, molded and cast them. (I also have the horns available separately in the shop. 2017 update – I’ve made a second set of horns that give this mask a completely different look and are also available separately) They would be too difficult to cast as part of the full face mask and the whole thing too large to fit in a standard-sized shipping box, so I finished the mask off with gaps where the horns could be slotted in. (see Tip: Using Pre-made Objects while Sculpting)

The mask is covered in fine furry details, smoothed out with mineral spirits. The final photo shows the completed sculpture ready for molding. The shine comes from a layer of acrylic sealant spray and a misting of mold release.

The mold is created by brushing on layers of Rebound 25 silicone and finishing with a rigid mother mold made of FreeForm Air epoxy putty.

When everything goes well with this process, I can remove the mold with hardly any damage to the original sculpture, as you can see!

Here’s a casting of the three separate pieces of this mask. If you get it as a kit, this is how they’ll come (along with instructions on how to assemble it.)

Here’s how the full mask looks once assembled. It’s over 14 inches tall from chin to horn-tip!

Need a mask, or some horns?