Blue Spirit Mask

Blue Spirit Mask

The Blue Spirit is an intriguing character – or, aspect of a character, I suppose? – from the amazing series, Avatar: The Last Airbender. In fact, I ended up watching the show because a friend expressed an interest in cosplaying the Blue Spirit. I loved the look of this mask and was curious who or what was behind it! I was not disappointed.

The mask is fairly large on the character, proportionally. To make sure I got it right, I first started with a paper mockup and simply held it to my face to see how it looked. After a few tries, this was the size I decided on.

Because the “horns” and “crown” sections of the mask really needed to be as flat and symmetrical as possible, I came up with the idea of starting with a cardboard base over my head form and building up from there. It worked wonderfully!

Here you can see the mask taking shape, and me using my much-loved trick of pre-crafting a part of the mask that would be difficult to have as part of the final mold (the tusks, in this case). See Tip: Using Pre-made Objects while Sculpting.

I removed the tusks from the final sculpture to prepare it for molding. I also decided to go with a wood-grain appearance for some additional detail on the final piece, though the actual material the mask is made from is never stated.

The molding and casting process is my usual – start with several layers of brushed-on Rebound 25 silicone, and then create a two-part mother mold from FreeForm Air epoxy putty. The only difference here is the scale – I put the mold for another of my full face masks (the Clockwork Masquerade mask, in this case) beside it for scale. The Blue Spirit is quite a monster of a mold!

Here’s the piece cast in raw, white resin and then cleaned up and assembled.

And finally, here are a couple more pictures of my first painted version of the mask. The eyes, nose, and mouth holes are covered with mesh fabric so I can see out and have great ventilation, but am practically invisible inside! Love this stuff.

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