Wolf Skull Mask

Wolf Skull Mask

This one’s a realistic-style wolf/dog/coyote skull mask, cast in resin.

Here’s the nearly-finished sculpture I created in Monster Clay. I completely forgot to take photos of the finished sculpture, but this one’s close… it just looks a little rough since I hadn’t yet gone through my process of smoothing it out.

The mold making process for this mask is pretty standard – brushed-on coats of silicone (Rebound 25) for the detailed interior mold, and a rigid exterior shell made from epoxy putty (FreeForm Air). The only unusual feature of this mold is a little section I left open between the large canine teeth, since otherwise the outer mold would lock around the tooth and be almost impossible to remove!

Here’s Robbie showing off one of the ways this mask can be worn. It can certainly be used as a standard face mask, but it makes a great headdress or even a pauldron!

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