Dragon Mask

Dragon Mask

For this mask, I set about creating a stylized dragon design that could be worn as a masquerade-style half masque. I really love dragons, if the multitude of them on the website didn’t give me away. I hope it shows in the many details that went into every part of this mask!

The sculpture is roughed out, refined, and detailed in Monster Clay, a type of oil/wax based clay I particularly like to use. I use mineral spirits to smooth out the final sculpture, and then a sealant spray to give it a slight sheen and make the mold come out as nicely as possible!

The mold is done in multiple layers of a brush-on silicone called Rebound 25. Once it’s finished, I create a rigid mother mold out of lightweight epoxy putty (FreeForm Air). This piece required a 3-part mother mold to make sure all sides were covered without the outer mold getting stuck on any overhangs.

And finally, here are a couple more views of what the final resin cast of this mask (done in SmoothCast 65D) turns out like!

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