Stylized Wolf Mask

Stylized Wolf Mask

I’ve wanted to do a wolf in the same style as my stylized cat, owl, and dragon for a while, and here it is!

Here’s the sculpture in progress. I didn’t get a photo of the completely finished sculpt, but the one on the right is pretty close to finished!

I also cut out a set of teeth from my Wolf Skull Mask that can be installed in this one. As you can see in the second picture, I put them in place while I was sculpting to ensure the size was correct.

The mold is pretty standard, Rebound 25 silicone for the main mold and FreeForm Air as the rigid mother mold. As with many of my pieces, this one required a 3-piece mother mold (the third is above the ears); otherwise there would have been undercuts that would make de-molding difficult.

The final picture is the mold for just the teeth by themselves. For this one, I used a lower viscosity silicone with a longer working time (Mold Star 30) so I could degas the silicone and get a nice, bubble free block mold. In case you were wondering about the different color of the silicone. 🙂

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