Baby Dragon Enamel Pins and Stickers

Took a little while, but I’ve gone through all the pins now, set aside the remainder of high-grade pins for Kickstarter folks (still got a few surveys floating around out there – don’t forget to fill them out!), and now I know what I’ve got left. So they’re up in the shop at last! Find our Baby Dragon Enamel Pins over on Etsy.

All pins are graded Standard, B-Grade, or C-Grade, depending on quality. It was kind of a fun process to go through and get them all graded! I will also have locking pinbacks available very soon.

While TECHNICALLY only the baby dragon sticker got unlocked during the Kickstarter, I looked at funds and decided we could go ahead and make all three stickers – the baby dragon, unicorn, and griffon. They turned out so great, I love them! All of those are also now available in the shop.

Round Dragon Fossil (Spec. 1612-AL)

Round Dragon Fossil (Spec. 1612-AL)

I sculpted the original of this miniature dragon fossil in clay, this time with a round chunk of “rock” as the background so it could hang directly on a wall without the need to be framed. Each bone is three dimensional and quite realistic in appearance. The sculpt is about 7″ in diameter. Each finished piece is hand painted by me.

I only have these listed on Etsy when I’ve got one painted and ready to go. If I have any of them available at the moment, they will be at this link: Fossil Dragon Skeleton

Building the Red Dragon Trophy

Finished Red Dragon Trophy

So, let’s say you really like my lizard mask, but have no real interest in dressing as a lizardperson or a dragon. Here’s something else I thought of to do with it!

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Not Evil, Just Misunderstood Bookmark Design

Not Evil, Just Misunderstood Bookmark I did a redesign on the “Not Evil, Just Misunderstood” button I made a while back. This version was done to fit on a bookmark that nicely compliments the original design! Both are available in the Etsy shop:

PHXCC 2015 Exclusive – Light and Dark

PHXCC 2015 Exclusive - Light and Dark

We’ve been vending at Phoenix Comicon every year since 2011, and each year, we bring a new, exclusive piece of artwork to the show. The first piece I did featured a phoenix and a dragon, and I decided to revisit the idea with my piece for PHXCC 2015.

Tucson Comic Con 2014 Pointing the Way

Tucson Comic Con 2014 Pointing the Way

One of our dragons has taken it upon himself to head out along the highway and make sure people know the way to the show! This is our exclusive print for Tucson Comic Con 2014, featuring a big ol’ green dragon gripping a hammer with his tail and looking smug about his addition to the I-10 road sign. The view of Picacho Peak will look quite familiar to those who make the trip from the Phoenix area down to Tucson!

This will be a limited run of 25 prints at 11″ x 17″ for $20. Each one is signed and hand-numbered by myself. They’ll only be available at the show, November 8th and 9th, so make sure to grab yourself a copy!

Dragon Wreath Christmas Ornaments

Dragon Wreath Christmas Ornaments

This sculpture depicts a traditional wreath of pine needles, with a stylized, serpentine dragon coiled around it. The dragon’s jaw is open and its tongue lolls out, and each scale all the way down its body is detailed in the sculpt.

A made a silicone mold of the original oil-based clay sculpt, and cast each piece in sturdy, solid urethane resin. Each one is then hand-painted and detailed, the wreath in shades of green, the dragon in a number of different colors.

Each ornament is 3 inches in diameter, and just under 3/4″ at its thickest point. While it is a solid-cast resin piece, it is also quite lightweight (less than 2oz). The hook attached to the top is 2.5″ long. The ornaments also come with a protective box to keep them looking pristine year after year. This is a fun and unique Christmas design for fans of fantasy creatures!

I only have these listed on Etsy when I’ve got painted ones available. If I have any of them available at the moment, they will be at this link: Special Holiday Items

Bards Against Nonhumanity

Bards Against Nonhumanity

MaricopaCon 2014 is coming up soon, the first weekend in August. I’m doing a very short-run exclusive just for this show. MaricopaCon is specifically a gaming convention, so while my exclusives usually include a dragon, this one needed to be special. So a bunch of fantasy beasties got together for a rowdy game of “Bards Against Nonhumanity”!

Only 15 copies of this print, signed and hand-numbered, will ever be available. The prints are 11″ x 17″ and will be available at the show for $20 each.

Phoenix Heat – PhxCC 2014 Exclusive

Phoenix Heat - PhxCC 2014 Exclusive

This lovely spiky fellow is our convention exclusive for Phoenix Comicon 2014. It’s been a long time since I drew a proper fire-breather, and figured it was about time I did!

These prints will be done as a limited run of 85 copies, 11″ x 17″, each one signed and hand-numbered.

As always, if you have a chance to come to PHXCC this year, it’s a great show and we absolutely love it. Come find Red Nebula Studios at booth #697!