Black Mesh Fabric, Mask Eye Blackout Mesh


I can see you, but you can't see me! This black mesh is perfect as the cover for eye holes on a mask where you want to see out, but you don't want other people to see in.

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When viewed from outside of a mask, the darkened interior of the mask causes the mesh to appear black. However, from inside, you can see out just fine – it’s just a little bit darker than usual, like wearing sunglasses. It also works well to cover ventilation holes like the nose and mouth shown in the sample photographs.

The effect relies on the mask being dark inside, so if it’s a full face mask or you’re wearing a hood, it’ll work perfectly! If it’s a very open mask like a masquerade mask, your eyes may show a little.

The mesh is made of vinyl-coated polyester. This is basically the same kind of mesh used for sun-screened windows – I’m just offering it in smaller quantities than are usually available since it’s perfect for masks! The material is thicker and darker than normal window screens. It’s nice and flexible, and can be easily cut into shape with scissors and attached into a mask with glue.

As you can see, you can even paint on it! You just have to be careful to keep the paint from gumming up the holes in the mesh, but the effect is extremely cool. You can also see this on the gargoyle photo above, where IĀ used acrylic paint to make it look like the mask had round, inhuman-looking orbs directly in front of my own eyes.


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