I Love Mythology Pinback Button, Magnet, or Keychain


The words “I Love Mythology” (with a red heart in place of the word “love”) stand out on this design in front of a blue background with various creatures of Greek myth. Represented are:

  • A chimera: A creature described as a lion in front, goat in the middle, and snake or dragon behind, and often breathed fire as well.
  • A hydra: A many-headed serpent or dragon. Cut off one head, and two will grow back in its place.
  • A winged horse: The most famous of these was Pegasus, which sprang from the blood of Medusa as she died.
  • A centaur: A rowdy beast with the head, arms, and upper body of a man and the lower body of a horse.
  • A siren: These creatures have the faces of women and enchanting voices that sang so sweetly that sailors would be lured to shipwreck on the sharp rocks of their island. Sometimes the siren's bodies were birds, sometimes fish, like the mermaid seen here.

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This 1.25" button features one of my original designs, and is assembled by my husband or myself on our professional button machine, so we can check each one for quality and alignment. It is coated with a mylar sheet which makes it nice and shiny, and keeps it protected from the elements. You can choose between a pinback button to wear as an accessory on your clothing or handbag, backed with a ceramic magnet to attach to your refrigerator, or assembled as a keychain.

We offer quantity discounts on larger orders of these buttons (10 or more). Please contact us for a price, shipping, and time estimate on bulk orders!

Please note; these buttons are water resistant, but not waterproof! Do not wear while swimming or otherwise submerge them in water.

Warning: Choking hazard - Small parts. Not for children under 3 yrs.


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