The Wild Keeper 8.5″x11″ Original Drawing


This sketch is the original drawing of my print, “The Wild Keeper”, featuring a beautiful faun lady with long hair blowing in the wind, deer-like ears and curved goat horns. Her look is wild and tribal, with clothing of fur and leather, accented with beads, flowers, and a small dragon skull. The Etsy listing also allows you to add on one of my finished “The Wild Keeper” prints at a reduced price.

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This original 8.5" x 11" drawing sketch was done in graphite on nice, thick 110lb cover stock paper. I begin drawings like this in light blue pencil, and then draw in the final lines in black graphite. While not every drawing ends up becoming a print, this is how all of my digital prints begin. This drawing, however, is truly one-of-a-kind!

My original drawings are shipped in a protective sealed plastic sleeve, with an acid free backing board to keep it flat. Note that the title sticker shown in the photo is on the outside of the plastic sleeve, NOT attached to the artwork itself!

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