Werewolf / Wolf Stencils – Digital Download


Time to start thinking about this year’s Halloween decorations! I made this set of unique pumpkin stencils for those who want their pumpkins to have a bestial flair – all three are werewolf-themed!


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Once you have purchased this item, you will be able to download the 3 following patterns and guide, all in PDF format:

  • pumpkin_pattern_werewolf01.pdf – This is a design showing the side of a fierce werewolf’s face in silhouette.
  • pumpkin_pattern_werewolf02.pdf – This design shows almost the full body of a crouching, silhouetted werewolf, staring right at you!
  • pumpkin_pattern_werewolf03.pdf – This is a view of a snarling werewolf’s face from the front. When carved, it will look as though the monster is almost entirely in the dark, but his sharp fangs, eyes, and details are being lit from one side.
  • pumpkin_carving_guide.pdf – This is a quick, one-page guide to get you started carving your jack o’lantern. (If you need further guidance, there are many amazing tutorials available online!)

IMPORTANT: All of these files are in PDF format. You will need a PDF reader (such as Adobe Reader) to view and use these files.

Enjoy your pumpkin carving, and happy Halloween!

Pumpkin Carving Guide

Jack o'LanternThere are many tutorials on the Internet for how to carve a pumpkin. This brief guide will get you started, but you might want to check out a few sites and videos for more tips and tricks!

You will need:

  • A pumpkin
  • Carving tools
  • A design
  • A tea candle (real or electric)

1. Acquire a pumpkin.

By default, the stencils I make will print at about 8 inches in diameter, so it’s easiest to find a large pumpkin that you can easily fit a design of this size on. (You are welcome to resize the stencils if you want to, though!)

2. Remove the lid.

Use a saw to cut a “lid” in the top of the pumpkin. Cut at an angle so you can set the lid back down without it falling into the opened gourd. Many people also like to cut a notch in the lid so they know exactly which way to put it back on.

3. Scoop the innards.

With either the tool from a pumpkin carving set, or a nice sturdy scoop (like an ice cream scoop), remove the seeds and innards from the pumpkin. Scrape around the outside until you remove all of the stringy innards.

4. Transfer the design.

Tape the printed design onto your pumpkin. Use a push-pin or the poker tool that comes with most pumpkin carving kits to poke holes through the paper design and into the pumpkin skin.  Poke a small hole about every 1/4″, until you’ve done the outline of your whole design.

This step can take a while, but it’s easier and more accurate than trying to cut out your design like a stencil!

5. Carve the design.

Small saw blades are the best tools to use to carve a pumpkin (unless you want to get fancy and use a jigsaw or dremel!) A saw blade will give you a lot of detail and control when cutting through the pumpkin flesh.

Carefully cut out the design following the design you transferred over to your pumpkin.  On my patterns, the gray areas indicate the parts you should cut out.

I hope you have a great time carving your pumpkin. If you use my patterns, I’d love to see photos. Happy Halloween!

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