Painting My Garrus Mask

In the last post, More Garrus Mask Work, I showed how I sculpted and cast the lower jaw and mandibles for my Garrus mask, as well as the beginning part of the neck. This one will cover the paint job, a very important step – and definitely the one that makes this mask start looking like a proper turian!

The mask is painted in acrylics, all done with a sponge (and a little bit of paintbrush here and there). No airbrushing. I’ll be the first to admit, this is not normally how you’re supposed to paint latex! In this case, acrylics work because the mask is not at all flexible. It has enough interior support that it’s almost as rigid as plastic, hence, no bending points that would make the paint crack. Because it’s stippled on with a sponge, it won’t peel off like it would if applied entirely with a paintbrush.

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Forest Child

Forest Child

There are few places safer for a unicorn foal than a small, sheltered clearing in the forest home of his brethren. Settled in the soft grass, this young creature will one day grow into a proud adult unicorn, a graceful and elusive protector of the wilds.

The original painting is sold, but I do have prints available!