Drawlloween 2015 – Day 10: Alien

Drawlloween 2015 Day 10

If this one’s face bears a passing resemblance to a turian, there’s a reason for that. (Aside from the fact that I like turians!) One of the things I’m working on is a sort of internal “skull” for a silicone turian mask. There was a bit of chatter about how the skull looked like it could be a kind of biomechanoid monster in its own right, so I decided to take the opportunity to draw up what it might look like.

Aliens that don’t just look like humans with stuff glued to their heads, for the win!

Female Turian Marking Guides

Female Turian Marking Guide

Here are guides to the facial markings of the couple of female turians that have appeared in the Mass Effect game series. They’re meant to help anyone looking to paint one of my Female Turian Mask Kits, but they could be useful to other artists as well! I’ve also included a base file both as a black-and-white JPG and as a transparent PNG, so you can either print it to color in, or color it in an image editing program for your own turian characters.

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Male Turian Mask Kit – Mandible Placement

Male Turian Mandible Placement

As it is one of the trickier aspects of putting together one of my male turian mask kits, I took a series of close-up photos to show how that part looks on my sample turian (Victus). Hopefully this will be a helpful resource for anyone putting their own kit together!

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Female Turian Mask in Progress

Since I decided to mold and cast my female turian mask using resin, rather than using latex like I did with Garrus, I wanted to do a quick write-up to show some of the differences.

Casting with latex (a soft material) is done with a hard, porous mold, usually made from plaster of some kind. Casting resin (a hard material) requires a soft, non-porous mold, in this case made from silicone.

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Garrus – Planning and Concept Sketches


I’ve seen many people create costumes based on him – and every last one of them has my utmost respect. He’s a difficult character to choose to build! Turian anatomy is close to that of humans, but there are distinctions that really do make all the difference.

Rewind to late 2012. A latecomer to the Mass Effect series, I had stormed my way through all three games and finished the last just before the release of the Extended Cut. I found myself completely fascinated with turians, and particularly, Shepard’s own squadmate, Garrus Vakarian.

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Mass Effect: Ghost on Omega

Mass Effect: Ghost on Omega

Industrial cityscape backgrounds are kinda scary. Kinda fun… but scary.

The character is Ghost, a turian belonging to DasTierLockjaw, and she’s hanging out somewhere in that gritty neon hell known as Omega. I have a bit of a soft spot for the place, I’ll admit, primarily because it’s where you pick up two of the coolest characters in ME2. 😀

This was meant to be a speedpainting, but wasn’t quite as speedy as I would’ve liked. About 8 hours in total.