A Pair of Painted Bird Masks

Painted Griffon and Eagle Skull Masks

Here are a new pair of finished masks, hand-painted and ready to wear! One is an iridescent griffon, with shifting shades of teal and purple in its feathers, and a vivid orange beak. The other is an eagle skull, painted to resemble realistic, yellowing bone.

As I only have one of each of these masks available, they are only purchasable through our Etsy shop:

Both blanks I used to create these masks are available here!

Send in the clowns!

Smiling Clown Face Mask

I like clowns, be they happy friendly ones, charming sad ones, or monstrously spooky ones. I crafted this clown mask from the same mold I used to make the Simpsons masks, one I haven’t made use of in a while! It’s a fun, simple, classic design, but the result is really quite delightful!

This mask is available over on Etsy.

Unless you don’t like clowns, I guess. 🙂

Blue Spirit Mask

Blue Spirit Mask

The Blue Spirit is an intriguing character – or, aspect of a character, I suppose? – from the amazing series, Avatar: The Last Airbender. In fact, I ended up watching the show because a friend expressed an interest in cosplaying the Blue Spirit. I loved the look of this mask and was curious who or what was behind it! I was not disappointed.

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Emerald Morning

Emerald Morning

This digital painting was done for a friend. At first glance, you may notice the serene blue ocean waves, the faint morning mist and lush greenery covering the shoreside cliffs, the soft pastel clouds, with those at higher altitudes shining with daybreak’s first light, or the birds gently coasting on the breeze.

Hidden amongst the obvious are a few little secrets, creatures and spirits from Irish mythology. If you look closely, you may spot a pooka, a faery ring, a woodland spirit, the children of Lir, a selkie, and a creature whose cry is thought to have sparked some stories of the banshee.

Mythology is fascinating, and it’s especially fun to look beyond the more commonly known Greek stories. There are thousands of fascinating legends from cultures the world over, and discovering them is half the fun!