Mangle Jumpscare!

Mangle Jumpscare!

How fun! My friend ChitChad recorded some video of Mangle in action. Here’s an animated gif of its jumpscare! (click “Continue Reading” and give it a few moments to load – it’s worth it!)

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FNaF 2 – Mangle Cosplay

FNaF2 - Mangle Cosplay

Photo by Mort Productions

Hello hello! See? I told you you wouldn’t have any problems!

Did…uh… did Foxy ever appear in the hallway? Probably not. I was just curious. Like I said, he was always my favorite. They tried to remake Foxy, you know? Uh, they thought the first one was too scary, so they redesigned him to be more kid-friendly and put him in Kid’s Cove. To keep the toddlers entertained, you know. But kids these days just can’t keep their hands to themselves. The staff literally had to put Foxy back together at the end of every shift. So eventually they just stopped trying and left him as some kind of “take apart, put back together” attraction. Now he’s just a mess of parts. I think the employees refer to him as just “The Mangle.”

-Phone Guy

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Dragon Age: Cullen Lion Helm

Dragon Age: Cullen Lion Helm

When the trailers for Dragon Age Inquisition first came out, many of us were quite ecstatic to see Cullen wearing this beautiful, shining lion helm! While the helm never made it into the final game, it’s still considered to be… eh, “canon enough” for Ser Rutherford.

My friend Allen (of Allen Amis Creations) and I wanted to bring this concept helm to life, so we teamed up. I crafted the sculpture, and he handles molding and casting.

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Dragon Age – Orlesian Mask and Lion

Dragon Age - Orlesian Mask and Lion

As soon as I saw this mask in Dragon Age: Inquisition, I knew I wanted to make it. As it happened, a friend of mine was planning to dress as Empress Celene for Phoenix Comicon 2015, so I crafted both the mask and also the lion crest that appears at the center of Celene’s marvelous back piece.

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Rocket Raccoon and Star-Lord

Rocket Raccoon and Star-Lord

This handsome pair needs no introduction – or do they? I’m sure you recognize Rocket Raccoon, but since the Guardians of the Galaxy movie came out, most of the cosplays of Star-Lord you see are the new version. This version, with the full head helmet, is the comic book version, specially requested for this commission.

I crafted the mask, feet, and tail for Rocket and the helm for Star-Lord. The remaining clothing for the costumes were created by Geekster’s Whimsy Cosplay.

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Death Eater Masks

Death Eater Masks

Classy, yet terrifying!

This commission was for a set of replica Death Eater masks based on concept art from the Harry Potter movies. I believe a similar design was used for Bellatrix’s mask in the movies, but I’d need to re-watch them to see if she’s ever seen wearing it. (Oh, darn, an excuse to HP. Twist my arm!)

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Dragon Age Inquisitor Helm Collaboration

Dragon Age Inquisitor Helm Collaboration

This is the Inquisitor’s helm from the upcoming game Dragon Age: Inquisition, featured as one of the iconic pieces of gear that the character you play as can wear in-game. The helm build was a collaboration between myself and Allen from Allen Amis Creations. He crafted the main helm and dragon wing facial guards, and I sculpted the dragon head, scaled and spiky crest, and the scale patches along each side. We worked together on the molding process for each piece.

These helms are available as an unpainted kit or as a finished, painted costume piece from Allen’s Etsy store.

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Female Turian Mask in Progress

Since I decided to mold and cast my female turian mask using resin, rather than using latex like I did with Garrus, I wanted to do a quick write-up to show some of the differences.

Casting with latex (a soft material) is done with a hard, porous mold, usually made from plaster of some kind. Casting resin (a hard material) requires a soft, non-porous mold, in this case made from silicone.

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