Baby Fantasy Creature Enamel Pins – Kickstarter!

I’m running my first ever Kickstarter! I wanted to be sure to announce it here on the blog today, because it’s the last day that the Early Bird discount tiers will be available.

The Kickstarter is for a set of hard enamel pins featuring baby fantasy creatures. The dragon is the first pin and will be made if the Kickstarter funds, and the unicorn and griffon are stretch goals, along with a set of vinyl stickers featuring the same artwork.

Take a look, and please feel free to share with anyone you think would be interested! Help me make these little cuties a reality. 😀

New Mermaid Artwork – Ocean Life

Ocean Life

It’s almost a joke at this point that whenever I try to draw a mermaid, she ends up being non-traditional in some way! From mers with dolphin tails or fish-like faces, to “gorilla whales”, or even the extreme example where a drawing I first envisioned to be a mermaid ended up being a rattlesnake naga living in the middle of a desert, they have never quite been the beautiful fishtailed beings most people associate with the word.

So, I figured it was about time to add an honest-to-goodness fish-tailed mermaid lady to my collection. I colored her in a striking blue and gold motif, in vivid colors as befits a fancy ocean mermaid. Her hair is also a lovely deep blue shade. Here, she’s swimming with a friend, a rusty red colored octopus. I’m a huge fan of cephalopods, and it’s kind of sad I didn’t have one included in any of my artwork up to now! Ah well, problem solved. 🙂

Dragon Wreath Christmas Ornaments

Dragon Wreath Christmas Ornaments

This sculpture depicts a traditional wreath of pine needles, with a stylized, serpentine dragon coiled around it. The dragon’s jaw is open and its tongue lolls out, and each scale all the way down its body is detailed in the sculpt.

A made a silicone mold of the original oil-based clay sculpt, and cast each piece in sturdy, solid urethane resin. Each one is then hand-painted and detailed, the wreath in shades of green, the dragon in a number of different colors.

Each ornament is 3 inches in diameter, and just under 3/4″ at its thickest point. While it is a solid-cast resin piece, it is also quite lightweight (less than 2oz). The hook attached to the top is 2.5″ long. The ornaments also come with a protective box to keep them looking pristine year after year. This is a fun and unique Christmas design for fans of fantasy creatures!

I only have these listed on Etsy when I’ve got painted ones available. If I have any of them available at the moment, they will be at this link: Special Holiday Items

Griffon Wall Plaques

Griffon Wall Plaques

This is a pair of casting finishes I did from a mold of my new sculpture. If the overall design seems familiar, it’s a larger, more detailed version of the one I created for my little acrylic griffon charms.

The original sculpture was done in oil-based clay, molded in silicone, and cast in resin with a number of different finishes.

I only have these listed on Etsy when I’ve got painted ones available. If I have any of them available at the moment, they will be at this link: Fantasy Sculptures

Bards Against Nonhumanity

Bards Against Nonhumanity

MaricopaCon 2014 is coming up soon, the first weekend in August. I’m doing a very short-run exclusive just for this show. MaricopaCon is specifically a gaming convention, so while my exclusives usually include a dragon, this one needed to be special. So a bunch of fantasy beasties got together for a rowdy game of “Bards Against Nonhumanity”!

Only 15 copies of this print, signed and hand-numbered, will ever be available. The prints are 11″ x 17″ and will be available at the show for $20 each.

Arizona Fence Lizards

Arizona Fence Lizards

If you live in the American southwest, you’re probably used to seeing all kinds of reptiles sunning themselves on fences. Just don’t startle the big ones – they’ve been known to cause property damage, if only accidentally! Come to think of it, I’d better check and make sure our insurance covers acts of big, lazy fence dragons…

In any case, this is our official exclusive for Phoenix Comicon 2013, which is coming up Memorial Day weekend, May 23rd – 26th. This year, they introduced guidelines for exclusives, so the quality (and rarity) of official exclusives will be even better this year than it has been in the past. We just got the prints done, a limited run of 100 copies, 11″ x 17″, each one signed and hand-numbered. If you happen to be at the show, drop by booth #697 to pick one up!

If you have a chance to get to Phoenix Comicon, I definitely recommend it! It is an amazing show, attracting some really great guests (they’re having an all-out Babylon 5-a-thon this year), and we’re ridiculously excited about it.