Drawlloween 2015 – Days 1 through 4

Drawlloween 2015

The Drawlloween 2015 art challenge has been going around the Internet, and I decided to participate! So, for each day during the month of October, I’ll be doing a new drawing based on the day’s theme. Here are the first four of them; I’ll be posting the remainder daily.

Mass Effect: Ghost on Omega

Mass Effect: Ghost on Omega

Industrial cityscape backgrounds are kinda scary. Kinda fun… but scary.

The character is Ghost, a turian belonging to DasTierLockjaw, and she’s hanging out somewhere in that gritty neon hell known as Omega. I have a bit of a soft spot for the place, I’ll admit, primarily because it’s where you pick up two of the coolest characters in ME2. 😀

This was meant to be a speedpainting, but wasn’t quite as speedy as I would’ve liked. About 8 hours in total.