Tip: Using Pre-made Objects while Sculpting

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Using Pre-made Objects while Sculpting

Eyes, teeth, horns… often times, a sculpture requires features which repeat and need to appear nearly identical, or which need to be an exact shape and size each time. Instead of trying to sculpt each part individually, it can sometimes be easier to pre-make an object (like the spikes in the lizard photo) or use an existing object (the glass cabochons being used as eye placeholders).

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Iksar Costume – Ataraxia

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Iksar Costume - Ataraxia

In 2004, Robbie came over to visit around Halloween time. We’d talked about making him an iksar costume – a lizardman like the character he was playing in Everquest at the time. The trick was, we would only have a few days once he got here to complete the costume!

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