Drawlloween 2015 – Day 31: Dragon

Drawlloween 2015 Day 31

Happy Halloween! No idea why “dragon” ended up on Halloween, but hey… you know I’m up for any excuse to draw one. 🙂

Hope you enjoyed the daily sketches this month!

Here’s a handy link if you want to see all of my Drawlloween 2015 sketches in one place!

Drawlloween 2015 – Day 23: Gore

Drawlloween 2015 Day 23

I was a little unsure what to do for this one. I love horror movies and am not at all upset by (fake) gore. However, I know a fair few people are, so I wanted to keep it a little tamer.

Besides, the implication of something horrifying can be just as creepy, if not more so!