PHXCC 2015 Exclusive – Light and Dark

PHXCC 2015 Exclusive - Light and Dark

We’ve been vending at Phoenix Comicon every year since 2011, and each year, we bring a new, exclusive piece of artwork to the show. The first piece I did featured a phoenix and a dragon, and I decided to revisit the idea with my piece for PHXCC 2015.

Phoenix Heat – PhxCC 2014 Exclusive

Phoenix Heat - PhxCC 2014 Exclusive

This lovely spiky fellow is our convention exclusive for Phoenix Comicon 2014. It’s been a long time since I drew a proper fire-breather, and figured it was about time I did!

These prints will be done as a limited run of 85 copies, 11″ x 17″, each one signed and hand-numbered.

As always, if you have a chance to come to PHXCC this year, it’s a great show and we absolutely love it. Come find Red Nebula Studios at booth #697!

Arizona Fence Lizards

Arizona Fence Lizards

If you live in the American southwest, you’re probably used to seeing all kinds of reptiles sunning themselves on fences. Just don’t startle the big ones – they’ve been known to cause property damage, if only accidentally! Come to think of it, I’d better check and make sure our insurance covers acts of big, lazy fence dragons…

In any case, this is our official exclusive for Phoenix Comicon 2013, which is coming up Memorial Day weekend, May 23rd – 26th. This year, they introduced guidelines for exclusives, so the quality (and rarity) of official exclusives will be even better this year than it has been in the past. We just got the prints done, a limited run of 100 copies, 11″ x 17″, each one signed and hand-numbered. If you happen to be at the show, drop by booth #697 to pick one up!

If you have a chance to get to Phoenix Comicon, I definitely recommend it! It is an amazing show, attracting some really great guests (they’re having an all-out Babylon 5-a-thon this year), and we’re ridiculously excited about it.

Spiny Desert Drake

Spiny Desert Drake

Meet the spiny desert drake, the aptly named dragon native to the Arizona desert. This continues my trend of creating draconic species indigenous to the location of the convention where their print is being sold as an exclusive.

This beautiful fellow was sold only at Phoenix Comicon 2012. We had 100 11″ x 17″ copies, all signed and hand-numbered, and we sold every last one! It was great – he was very well received.

He’s patterned after a number of local desert dwellers. His spiky scales are reminiscent of horned toads, his patterning like that of many of our lizards and snakes. He perches lightly atop a saguaro cactus arm, like many hawks here do while hunting. He has the mischievous fearlessness of a coyote, and the curiosity and territorial instincts of a cactus wren.

The Phoenix and the Dragon

The Phoenix and the Dragon

This was the first time we ever did an exclusive for a convention, for Phoenix Comicon 2011. The prints were 11″ x 17″ and turned out beautifully! We made exactly 100 copies, all signed and hand-numbered. They were quite successful at the show!

The duality depicted by a phoenix and a dragon is most often seen in Asian artwork – the yin and yang, masculinity and femininity, light and dark. I really love the concept, but wanted to put my own spin on the art and use a western-style dragon and my own style of phoenix. The slightly muted color scheme gives it a slightly more antique feel, as well.