Handmade Dragon Skull Fossil

Handmade Dragon Skull Fossil

This little one is Specimen 1314-JY. It’s a┬áhandmade polymer clay sculpture embedded in air-dry clay to imitate the look of a real fossil being exposed from the rock by wind and weather. I love all his cute sharp teeth and spikes!

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Molding and Casting Garrus’ face

In the previous post, Sculpting Garrus’ Face, I showed how I sculpted Garrus’ face. This blog will show how the sculpture went from clay to latex, and the continuing process of building the mask.

I decided to make a one-piece mold for the face. Before starting to make the mold, I needed a base to catch the plaster runoff. I started by building a wall of cardboard pieces around the base of the sculpture, attached with hot glue.

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