A Pair of Painted Bird Masks

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Painted Griffon and Eagle Skull Masks

Here are a new pair of finished masks, hand-painted and ready to wear! One is an iridescent griffon, with shifting shades of teal and purple in its feathers, and a vivid orange beak. The other is an eagle skull, painted to resemble realistic, yellowing bone.

As I only have one of each of these masks available, they are only purchasable through our Etsy shop:

Both blanks I used to create these masks are available here!

A Pair of Owls

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Blue and Silver Owl Mask Mardi Gras Owl Mask

A pair of new hand-painted owl masks are now available in the shop! Both of these are from my original sculpture, resin cast and painted by my husband, Robbie. One is a beautiful, classy blue and silver owl with white accents. The other is done in the vivid colors of Mardi Gras, metallic purple, green and gold.

Dragon Hatchling Sculpture – Purple Yawn

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Dragon Hatchling Sculpture - Purple Yawn

I know I’m not supposed to play favorites with my hatchlings, but just look at those little tiny teeth! I love little tiny teeth.

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Keesa is a creature known as a riftwalker dragon, a strange, jet-black beast whose eyes, mouth, and even blood glow with an otherworldly, pale purple energy. Contrasting their fearsome appearance, their scales are so fine as to feel velvety, and their wings catch the light in iridescent hues.

Riftwalkers are often mistrusted by the other dragons of Eldlor and feared by many of the other races for their unnatural appearance and dark history. They are now so rare as to be thought extinct by most.