Dragon Age – Orlesian Mask and Lion

Dragon Age - Orlesian Mask and Lion

As soon as I saw this mask in Dragon Age: Inquisition, I knew I wanted to make it. As it happened, a friend of mine was planning to dress as Empress Celene for Phoenix Comicon 2015, so I crafted both the mask and also the lion crest that appears at the center of Celene’s marvelous back piece.

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Dragon Wreath Christmas Ornaments

Dragon Wreath Christmas Ornaments

This sculpture depicts a traditional wreath of pine needles, with a stylized, serpentine dragon coiled around it. The dragon’s jaw is open and its tongue lolls out, and each scale all the way down its body is detailed in the sculpt.

A made a silicone mold of the original oil-based clay sculpt, and cast each piece in sturdy, solid urethane resin. Each one is then hand-painted and detailed, the wreath in shades of green, the dragon in a number of different colors.

Each ornament is 3 inches in diameter, and just under 3/4″ at its thickest point. While it is a solid-cast resin piece, it is also quite lightweight (less than 2oz). The hook attached to the top is 2.5″ long. The ornaments also come with a protective box to keep them looking pristine year after year. This is a fun and unique Christmas design for fans of fantasy creatures!

I only have these listed on Etsy when I’ve got painted ones available. If I have any of them available at the moment, they will be at this link: Special Holiday Items