Female Turian Mask in Progress

Since I decided to mold and cast my female turian mask using resin, rather than using latex like I did with Garrus, I wanted to do a quick write-up to show some of the differences.

Casting with latex (a soft material) is done with a hard, porous mold, usually made from plaster of some kind. Casting resin (a hard material) requires a soft, non-porous mold, in this case made from silicone.

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More Garrus Mask Work

In the last blog post, Molding and Casting Garrus’ face, I showed you how I made the mold and cast the top part of my Garrus mask in latex. This one will cover some additional mask pieces. I won’t go into quite as much detail about the molding and casting process, since I covered it pretty thoroughly before. I’ll also show how the top part of the mask attaches to the bottom, and get to the beginnings of the neck build.

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Molding and Casting Garrus’ face

In the previous post, Sculpting Garrus’ Face, I showed how I sculpted Garrus’ face. This blog will show how the sculpture went from clay to latex, and the continuing process of building the mask.

I decided to make a one-piece mold for the face. Before starting to make the mold, I needed a base to catch the plaster runoff. I started by building a wall of cardboard pieces around the base of the sculpture, attached with hot glue.

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Sculpting Garrus’ Face

In my last post, Garrus – Planning and Concept Sketches, I showed my concept for building the mask – the front/top head piece was going to be separate from the lower jaw, neck, and mandibles. This post will show how I started to build the support structure for the mask, as well as the sculpting process for the top of the head.

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Materials: Oil and Wax-based Clays

Materials: Oil-based Clay

Clays made with a base of oil or wax (or a combination of both) are a type of sculpting medium that will never cure or harden completely. This makes them ideal for sculpting a large project that you may need to work on over a period of days or weeks. When the sculpture is complete, you make a mold from it, and then cast it to get your final piece.

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