A Pair of Painted Bird Masks

Painted Griffon and Eagle Skull Masks

Here are a new pair of finished masks, hand-painted and ready to wear! One is an iridescent griffon, with shifting shades of teal and purple in its feathers, and a vivid orange beak. The other is an eagle skull, painted to resemble realistic, yellowing bone.

As I only have one of each of these masks available, they are only purchasable through our Etsy shop:

Both blanks I used to create these masks are available here!

And Another New Mask!

I just recently finished my new griffon mask. Because the molds I make are soft, the original sculpture is often left intact. Normally, once I’ve done a test cast and verified that the mold is good, the sculpture gets destroyed and the clay recycled to use again! But I’ve been wanting to do a raptor skull, and there’s the shape just waiting for me.

As you can see in the photo comparing the two masks, I didn’t want the new mask to be too similar to the griffon I just finished, so the changes were fairly extensive. Even the shape of the beak ended up rather different, thinner and with a more pronounced hook at the end.

Blanks of both new masks are now available in the shop!

Commission: Sad Grim Reaper Costume

Commission: Sad Grim Reaper Costume

Here’s a wonderfully unique commission project I worked on. Local artist Annie Dunn from Chaos in Color asked me to help bring one of her pieces of artwork to life! The art is called “Teddy Bear and the Reaper”, and it’s hard not to fall in love with that sweet, sad skelly face.

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Welcome to the new old west! Don’t be alarmed, he is quite docile.

Popcorn is an undead horse belonging to the main character from the webcomic Zombie Ranch. This is a combination birthday and Christmas present for the lovely Dawn, the comic’s artist, and a Christmas present for Clint, the writer. I was rather startled to see they hadn’t gotten fanart of Popcorn yet! He’s so darned cool looking.

Enjoy the zombie horsie!