Send in the clowns!

Smiling Clown Face Mask

I like clowns, be they happy friendly ones, charming sad ones, or monstrously spooky ones. I crafted this clown mask from the same mold I used to make the Simpsons masks, one I haven’t made use of in a while! It’s a fun, simple, classic design, but the result is really quite delightful!

This mask is available over on Etsy.

Unless you don’t like clowns, I guess. ­čÖé

I’m a kitty! Calico Cat Mask

Calico Cat Mask

I think calico suits me! This is a new mask we just finished, one of the brand new resin cats all painted up in black, white, and orange. The calico cat mask is available via the Etsy store. I have blank cat masks available too.

I also made my design for this mask available in sets of Printable Cat Masks – Digital Download!

Blue Spirit Mask

Blue Spirit Mask

The Blue Spirit is an intriguing character – or, aspect of a character, I suppose? – from the amazing series, Avatar: The Last Airbender. In fact, I ended up watching the show because a friend expressed an interest in cosplaying the Blue Spirit. I loved the look of this mask and was curious who or what was behind it! I was not disappointed.

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Dragon Hatchling Sculpture: White Gold

Dragon Hatchling Sculpture: White Gold

I originally wanted to do this sculpture in all white. I love how those baby blue eyes turned out! (Blue polymer clay behind glass cabochons) This was the first time I tried sculpting individual scales. It took quite a while, but looked very nice.

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