Grey Wolf Costume

In 1997, I finally got confident enough to try out a fully furred costume!

I did make some mistakes with this costume, but overall, I was pretty happy with it.

The mask was made from cardboard only - I left out the papier mache completely this time around, hoping to save on the weight a bit. It proved much lighter, but was not able to stand the test of time. This poor mask is all but lost now, though I did get a chance to reuse the bodysuit later on.

This mask is probably the worst one I've ever made in terms of being able to see out! My vision points were the two patches of white plastic mesh above each eye. As it turns out, white mesh picks up a lot of glare from any surrounding light source, making it much more difficult to see through than a darker material would be.

An interesting feature I built into this one was the ability to raise the lips into a snarl. I didn't have a way to control this while wearing the mask, but it allowed me to choose between a "nice wolf" and a "scary wolf" look while wearing the costume.

1997 Grey Wolf Costume - Crouched 1997 Grey Wolf Costume - Tail 1997 Grey Wolf Costume - Stalking 1997 Grey Wolf Costume - Mask Snarl

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