About Us

Red Nebula Studios is the small business belonging to my husband (Robbie) and myself (Sarrah), making unique arts, crafts, costumes, games, and all kinds of fun stuff.


My digital and traditional artwork, both two dimensional drawings and paintings, as well as three dimensional sculptures. I love fantasy (especially dragons), sci-fi, all sorts of creatures, and a splash of horror and the macabre.

Ko-Fi is a way to support us one time. If you found the site useful (or just enjoy what my husband and I do), you can buy us a coffee.

Subscribing on Patreon is a way you can support all of our projects on a month-to-month basis. Some tiers also have fun treats!


The home for our cosplays and costume design, along with the masks and props we have available for sale, tutorials and material reviews, and the costuming blog.


We play games and we make some too! Love to check out new indie games especially. This section of the website is dedicated to all things gaming, containing our own work, reviews, gaming blog, and let's plays.