Red Nebula Studios is the small business run by myself (Sarrah) and my husband Robbie. One of our shared passions is gaming - we even met in an online RPG, Everquest! Here, you'll find information about the games we've released as a small indie game dev studio, as well as future games in progress and asset packs to help you make your own games too!

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It's up! Low Poly Dungeon Pack Now Available in the Unity Asset Store

Sarrah Wilkinson - 6/16/2022

Well, that was delightfully fast! My Low Poly Dungeon pack passed review at the Unity Asset Store, and is now up and available for purchase! The full pack features 230 FBX models and a total of 294 pre-made prefabs for use inside the Unity game engine. There are static props, activatable animated props, lit props with fire particle effects, decals (like blood stains and spider webs!), and even a bonus music file by my husband Robbie, which you can hear in the demo video.

I've also got a video showcasing all of the individual pieces.

Not sure if it's the right pack for you? I've also put up a free Low Poly Dungeon Lite pack to try before you buy. It features 19 prefabs from the full pack and gives you a great idea of the range of items available.

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Live Date: 6/16/2022 | Last Modified: 6/16/2022

The Low Poly Dungeon Set is Submitted

Sarrah Wilkinson - 6/6/2022

Exciting news! I have submitted the Low Poly Dungeon modular asset pack to the Unity Asset Store. If approved - knock on wood! - it will soon be available, along with a free trial Lite version.

While the approval process takes a while (currently 20-30 days, according to the site), I'm actually quite pleased that they have an approval process. A real, live person who knows Unity and the needs of people using it is going to take a look through the pieces I've created and either approve them as-is, or give me feedback on how I can make them the best they can be. I've worked very hard on this set and want it to be a great resource for other game developers.

In the meantime, I wanted to share the final shop screenshot images that showcase the dungeon demo scene I created. There will also be a video (with a brand new piece of music by Robbie!), but I'm keeping that under wraps until the official release.

A cartoon-style medieval dungeon scene featuring a bridge over spike traps, mossy walls, high vaulted ceiling, and fire burning in braziers. A cartoon-style medieval dungeon scene of a storeroom with various crates, barrels, a chair next to a table with food on it, and a torch on the wall. A cartoon-style medieval dungeon scene of an arched cell door and a skeleton within, sitting next to a wall covered in tally marks. Outside is a chair and small table. A cartoon-style medieval dungeon scene of a cell wall and door, beyond which the wall has been broken open to reveal a treasure chest within. A cartoon-style medieval dungeon scene of a room with cages and an iron maiden, and gargoyle statues on the walls. A cartoon-style medieval dungeon scene of a library with high vaulted ceilings, bookshelves, and a magical orb and magic symbol on the ground. A cartoon-style medieval dungeon crypt scene with an open wooden coffin, a couple of bookshelves, a pile of skulls, and a table with some parchment.

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Tags: 3d modeling, asset pack, blender, chapel, dungeon, game, game assets, game dev, game development, indie, low poly, modular, screenshot, showcase, Unity, Unity Asset Store
Live Date: 6/6/2022 | Last Modified: 6/6/2022

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