Arachnodelic is a psychedelic endless runner where you play as a spider trying to catch bugs and avoid bug bombs. Everything starts off relatively normal, with a classy black and white style, but as you level up... things get weird! Download Arachnodelic on - you can play for free or name your own price!

Made for casual gameplay and short play sessions, Arachnodelic challenges you to beat your best scores by deciding when (and if) you want to level up. You get a sweet score multiplier each level, of course, but can you avoid getting blown up as the game tries to distract you with crazy colors and special effects?

This is our second completed game! We - my husband and I - are Red Nebula Studios, and this game was completed as a self-imposed "make a game in 1 month" challenge, like our first game, Rat-a-Sewey. It was made in Unity and completed between July 20th and August 20th, 2019. I did the artwork and programming, and my husband and I worked together on the sound effects. A big thank you to Eric Matyas of for the music!

I have also documented the game dev process over on our YouTube channel. Please feel free to take a look if you'd like to see how this project came together!

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Tags: animated, arachnid, Arachnodelic, black and white, casual, colorful, computer, game, PC, psychedelic, spider, stylized, video game, Windows
Live Date: 8/20/2019 | Last Modified: 8/20/2019