Rat-a-Sewey is a 2D, short play session, casual game for Windows PC - fun, silly, and just a bit addictive! It starts out slow and the speed ramps up over time. It keeps track of your high scores so you can try to beat them! Download Rat-a-Sewey on Itch.io - you can play for free or name your own price!

Play as Charlie the rat, running around his sewer home, catching food as it drops through the grate above. Beware! Sometimes the food will be rotting, and sometimes poison pellets get dropped down instead that you'll have to jump to avoid!

You'll also need to watch out for Lou. (Someone mentioned once that he got flushed down a loo, and he liked the word!) After the first couple levels, this hungry alligator occasionally swims by looking for a tasty little rat snack.

Rat-a-Sewey was created for a personal "make a game from start to finish in 1 month" challenge. Sort of a personal game jam, I suppose! It was made in Unity and completed between June 14th and July 14th, 2019. I did the artwork and programming, and my husband did the music.

I have also documented the game dev process over on our YouTube channel. Please feel free to take a look if you'd like to see how this project came together!

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Live Date: 7/14/2019 | Last Modified: 7/14/2019