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Red Nebula Studios is the small business belonging to my husband and myself, making unique arts, crafts, costumes, games, and all kinds of fun stuff. (When you see "I" or "my" on the site, that's probably me - Sarrah - talking.) We're based in the Phoenix area and can sometimes be found at local conventions, so feel free to come by and say hello!

Check out The Big "What We Do" List! for an extended list of all the fun stuff we get up to!

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  • Etsy - Red Nebula Studios Shop - Our main store, featuring art prints, costume pieces, bookmarks, buttons, decals, sculptures and more!
  • INPRNT - My artwork on giclée and canvas prints, along with other beautiful high-quality options in a range of sizes.
  • RedBubble Store - Get our artwork on t-shirts, stickers, and a wide array of other fun items.

Looking for clipart and other instantly downloadable goodies? Check out our digital shops!

About Sarrah Wilkinson

Hi all - I'm Sarrah. I'm the "artistic one" in our little company. I'm from New Mexico, and currently live in Arizona with Robbie. While I love to draw, read, and listen to music, I also get far too much enjoyment out of databases and coding.

I also go by MsRedNebula here and there online, including my own personal YouTube channel, Facebook, and Twitter for my art.

  • Hobbies: Drawing, reading, costuming, sculpting, digital painting, coding, biology, gaming, game dev, and a little writing here and there.
  • Favorite Critters: Coyotes, bats, spiders, snakes, werewolves, dragons - and our cats.
  • Favorite Music: Lots - Hard rock, soft rock, folk, soundtracks (mostly games), and anything Disney theme park related!
  • Favorite Games: Mass Effect trilogy, Myst and especially Riven, Planet Coaster, Subnautica, Planet Zoo, Undertale, The Witcher, Portal, Dragon Age... for starters!
  • Favorite Books: Watership Down and The Expanse series

About Robert Wilkinson

Hello everyone, my name is Rob, and I'm the non-artistic one. I'm originally from the U.K., but moved to the U.S. in 2006 to be with Sarrah.

I like to game and spend hours scanning the interweb for all things science!

  • Hobbies: Astronomy, gaming, listening to music
  • Favorite Bands: Rush (seen them live 5 times!), Paradise Lost (...and Enya?)
  • Favorite Music: Metal, hard rock, some goth