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Experimenting with Embedded Glass Eyes

Sarrah Wilkinson - 11/28/2022

I've got a bunch of spare glass cabochons, so I thought I'd try this out - embedding them in my resin Krampus face ornament molds! It's pretty simple to do, but I love how they turned out. These'll be fun to paint.

Of course, if you're interested, I can also do blanks with embedded glass eyes like this, just send me a message here or on Etsy. Blanks also come with the option to be made into magnets or ornaments, or they can be used as wonderfully creepy Christmas doll faces.

Categories: Artwork, Shop
Tags: Christmas ornament, demon, embedded, face, glass cabochons, glass eyes, head, Krampus, Krampusnacht, ornaments
Live Date: 11/28/2022 | Last Modified: 11/28/2022

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