Demon Cat Skull? A Clever Idea!

Sarrah Wilkinson - 9/27/2022

Well, that's an interesting thought! Robbie was cleaning off these pieces for a couple of orders, and he arranged them to dry in this pattern. It would make a really amazing looking demon skull or monster skull. It is a bit reminiscent of a mythosaur - not quite, but it has the same sort of vibe.

It may be a little unwieldy as a face mask, but it could work as a headdress or even just a wall hanging piece. I might have to make one sometime! But in the meantime, I thought I'd put the idea out there into the universe in case anyone else decided they might want to have a go!

We'll be open for made-to-order resin masks and other pieces (like these horns) up until October 12th, when we close for the Halloween season. After that, we'll be open for orders as normal again starting November 1st.

7 Inch Curved Horns
$17.10 via Etsy

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I Love Cats Vinyl Decal in Bright Green

Sarrah Wilkinson - 2/22/2021

I really like when we get orders for vinyl decals in playful colors - they're fun to take pictures of to share! I'm not sure everyone knows that I can make decals in a whole slew of different colors, including a couple of metallics. The decals are rated for outdoor, and I've had one on my own car for a bit over five years now!

Decals can also be put on laptops, mirrors, or used as a semi-permanent decoration on just about any flat surface.

If you need an "I Love Cats" decal, check the links below. I also have this design as a pinback button (or optionally, as a magnet or keychain)!

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Some More New Painted Magnets - Skulls, Krampus, and DA:I

Sarrah Wilkinson - 2/8/2021

Here's another set of new painted magnets available in the shop. I know Krampus isn't too fashionable outside of Christmas, but eh, I like the sculpture, so I wanted to paint more of them! And, well, you know me - skulls are ALWAYS in fashion.

As for that one up top - I've recently started a new playthrough of Dragon Age: Inquisition. It's been a while since I played last, and I hadn't actually finished all of the DLCs! (I did do Trespasser, though, no worries there.) It reminded me that I still had a couple of these Inquisition symbols - I created this sculpt as part of my cosplay for Cassandra, and figured it'd be fun to make a few magnets out of them. I don't have this mold anymore, so the two that are currently listed are all I've got. If you like them, nab 'em!

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