My Alien Farmstead

Our current project is a dystopian sci-fi comedy farming simulator called My Alien Farmstead! It will be our first major indie release on Windows PC. We don't yet have a release date for this one, but be sure to watch this space or the official My Alien Farmstead website or social media channels for any announcements!

Social Media for My Alien Farmstead:

This will be our first major release, and we're tentatively hoping to release Q1 of 2022 - but again, more details will appear as we get them hammered out. I'm working on the programming and artwork, Robbie is putting together an amazing 80s sci-fi inspired soundtrack, and we both collaborate on the overall game design. If you enjoy watching the game development process, be sure to check out our YouTube channel listed above - we're releasing regular game dev diaries. It's been a lot of fun so far, and we hope you join us for the rest of this journey!

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Created: 9/21/2020 | Modified: 9/21/2020