Just A Circus

Just A Circus is a small puzzle platformer featuring Benjamin the Circus Bear. Depending on how you fare with puzzles, it may take anywhere from a few minutes to an hour. You CAN win, don't let the game fool you. Play Just A Circus right in your browser on our Itch.io page (computer only, I didn't have time to include controls for touchscreens, sadly!)

Just A Circus was created for the Community Game Jam! The theme of the jam was "The Game Is A Liar". We made this in one week and was our very first game jam (and third finished game ever!). All artwork and programming and some sound effects were done by me, with the music and remaining sound effects done by my husband.

Let us know via the comments on Itch.io if you figured the puzzle out! Just remember - You're only dead if you see the death screen. If not, assume the game is still in progress and there's more to do. It is winnable!

Here's the game trailer! We've also got a Just A Circus Hints and Walkthrough video (with full game spoilers), and a Making Of Just A Circus video too!

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Tags: 2d, animated, bear, cartoon, circus, computer, creepy, cute, dark humor, game, game jam, horror, Just A Circus, monsters, PC, puzzle-platformer, scary, short, side scroller, surprise, The Game Is A Liar, video game, Windows
Live Date: 8/31/2019 | Last Modified: 8/31/2019