Grecian Sphinx Costume

For this Halloween, I had a bit of a challenge to come up with a costume that was fairly elaborate, but still comfortable enough to wear all day long at work. I had to be able to drive in it, to sit in a chair, and to free my hands to be able to type. This was what I came up with. (Mind you, I couldn't wear the wings while driving, and had to don them once I got there!)

People are far more familiar with Egyptian sphinxes than Grecian sphinxes! While they both combine traits of a human and a lion, the Greek version is female and is often depicted with birdlike wings as well. She is known for asking riddles - and devouring those who answer incorrectly.

I came prepared with several riddles that I could ask people. (Two of my favorites: "I am smaller than your finger but able to fill a whole room. What am I?" and "If you look, you'll always see me. But no matter how far you travel, you'll never reach me. What am I?") However, because of the relative obscurity of the costume, I mostly ended up asking people to try and guess what I was instead.

I work in a college. True to form, about halfway through the day, I started getting e-mails with people's guesses - and all the research they had done to support them! :D

I never realized this costume would turn out to be educational as well!

Incidentally, the wings can be worn separately and are extremely light and comfortable. :)

My own inspiration to make this costume came from the webcomic Skin Deep by Kory Bingaman. In one of the photos below, you can see me showing off the sphinx medallion I bought from her.

Grecian Sphinx Costume Grecian Sphinx Costume

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