Wolf Skulls Spotted at Halloween Horror Nights 2019!

Sarrah Wilkinson - 10/20/2019

I was really excited to see that a pair of our wolf skulls were being used as pauldrons for this awesome stiltwalker beastie at Halloween Horror Nights over in Universal Studios in Florida. I'm sorry this isn't the best photo - if anyone happened to get a great picture of this guy, I'd love to see it!

If you need a mask of your own, we've got them in the shop!

War Dog Skull Mask
$228.00 via Etsy
Wolf Skull Mask Blank
$62.00 via Etsy

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A Pair of Painted Bird Masks

Sarrah Wilkinson - 2/7/2018

Here are a new pair of finished masks, hand-painted and ready to wear! One is an iridescent griffon, with shifting shades of teal and purple in its feathers, and a vivid orange beak. The other is an eagle skull, painted to resemble realistic, yellowing bone.

Update: While both of these masks have since sold, we've always got blanks and sometimes have painted masks available in the shop!

Eagle Skull Mask Blank
$55.00 via Etsy
Griffon Mask Blank
$59.00 via Etsy

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Dragon Mask Sculpture Timelapse

Sarrah Wilkinson - 12/30/2017

I added a timelapse video of the process of sculpting the dragon mask over on YouTube! Check out the Red Nebula Studios channel and subscribe if you'd like to see more work in progress like this.

I sculpted this dragon mask in early 2016 and set up a camera to record while I was working. I recently subscribed to Adobe CC and began learning Premiere so I could stitch together all the videos and speed them up!

The mask sculpture is done in Monster Clay and was completed over the course of 10 days. The total recording time was about 8 and a half hours.

I do apologize for the video quality and the black bars on the sides; my camera at the time only supported 4:3 resolution. I hope to have a better setup next time I try something like this!

Music: Over Time by Audionautix is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license Artist: http://audionautix.com/

Love dragons as much as I do? We've got a mask for that!

Dragon Mask Blank
$62.00 via Etsy
Fiery Dragon Mask
$135.00 via Etsy

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