Mass Effect 3 - Garrus Vakarian

Meet the cosplay that pretty much dominated every spare hour of my life for 7 months, Garrus Vakarian from Mass Effect 3!

The response to this costume has been absolutely amazing, having been shared on many social media platforms, featured on Kotaku, and shown on the BioWare Facebook page with a most flattering quote, "If you've ever wondered what Garrus might look like in real life, wonder no more. This cosplay is AMAZING!!"

I've done a series of blogs on how I made the mask and the rest of this costume, from concept through to completion. See the links below!

Garrus Vakarian Cosplay Garrus Vakarian Cosplay Garrus Vakarian Cosplay

There's also a really amazing photo shoot I did at Rio Salado College in June of 2013, if you want more pictures!

How I made the costume

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Live Date: 5/23/2013 | Last Modified: 9/29/2022