Eclipse - White Werewolf Costume

Eclipse, created in 1999, was the first of my costumes to actually get a name. I'd been pretty fascinated with the werewolf costumes of Verdun Manor at the time, so I decided to try my hand at a horror-style mask.

I had done some work with molding and casting latex before this, mainly for the noses and tongues of previous costumes. This time, I made the entire face out of latex.

Talk about a learning experience!

Sadly, I made a few mistakes which meant the mask didn't end up looking so good in profile, and the mouth wasn't positioned correctly for me to be able to open and close the jaws like I could on other costumes. A real shame, that!

Still, the concept worked nicely. I was in college at this point, and wore this costume for our Halloween party. I had a group of girls too scared to get in the elevator with me.

Good times!

1999 White Werewolf Costume - Eclipse

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Live Date: 12/31/2000 | Last Modified: 12/31/2000