Ataraxia - Everquest Iksar Cosplay

In 2004, Robbie came over to visit around Halloween time. We'd talked about making him an iksar costume - a lizardman like the character he was playing in Everquest at the time. The trick was, we would only have a few days once he got here to complete the costume!

For being a rush job, I'm still very pleased with how he came out. The mask is made over a base of plastic mesh and strengthened with some papier mache. It's covered over with black spandex and about a hundred little latex scales. The spines on the top of his head and down the back of his neck are made from craft foam.

He's not a perfect representation of an iksar, but kind of a hybrid between their design from EQ and EQ2. I got a little better hang of working with latex here. I'm particularly proud of how his hands turned out! They're made from black gloves, with claws and latex scales attached, but they ended up looking very convincing.

We had fun wandering around the Phoenix Zoo for their yearly Boo at the Zoo event. Many people were amused to watch the lizardman drinking soda through a straw!

Ataraxia - Everquest Iksar Cosplay Ataraxia - Everquest Iksar Cosplay Ataraxia - Everquest Iksar Cosplay

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Live Date: 10/30/2004 | Last Modified: 10/30/2004