Death Eater Masks

These masks are now available via my friend Allen at AllenAmisCreations. You can find the Death Eaters along with a number of other amazing items in his shop!

Classy, yet terrifying!

This commission was for a set of replica Death Eater masks based on concept art from the Harry Potter movies. I believe a similar design was used for Bellatrix's mask in the movies, but I'd need to re-watch them to see if she's ever seen wearing it. (Oh, darn, an excuse to HP. Twist my arm!)

The commission was for several masks for a group cosplay, but they were fine with them all being the same design. Several of them got varying degrees of battle damage to keep them looking distinctive - and I have to say, the masks look nice and creepy all lined up together. I can't wait to see the costuming group at Phoenix Comicon this year!

Sculpture in progress Sculpture in progress Sculpture in progress

To start with, I made this rough base sculpture in Monster Clay. The final image shows a more cleaned up version along with my plan for the details I would be adding to it.

Sculpture in progress Sculpture in progress Sculpture in progress

The designs were carved carefully, all done by hand. The last two pictures show the final sculpture from the front and side, with the eye and mouth details added as well.

Mold in progress Mold in progress

The mold is made from Smooth-on's brush-on silicone rubber, Rebound 25. Because a soft rubber mold requires a rigid mold jacket, the second photo shows the two-part hard outer mold, which is made from FreeForm Air.

Casting the mold in urethane resin Resin mask blank

The first test cast! Casting is done in SmoothCast 65D.

Tarnished silver painted mask Tarnished silver painted mask

Here's how they look painted, done with a combination of metallic spray paint and hand-painted acrylic details.

Tarnished silver painted masks Tarnished silver painted masks

And finally, I mentioned battle damage? I went ahead and did the main paint job on all of the masks first, and then attacked a few of them with sandpaper, carving tools, saws, and files to give a variety of battle damage effects per the request of my commissioners. The last picture shows the full set of masks with their final paint job.

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