Dragon Age – Orlesian Mask and Lion

As soon as I saw this mask in Dragon Age: Inquisition, I knew I wanted to make it. As it happened, a friend of mine was planning to dress as Empress Celene for Phoenix Comicon 2015, so I crafted both the mask and also the lion crest that appears at the center of Celene's marvelous back piece.

Each were done in my usual style: Sculpt with oil-based Monster Clay, mold in Smooth-on's Rebound 25 silicone with an exterior shell of FreeForm Air, and cast using impact resistant SmoothCast 65D resin.

Here's the cosplay as made and worn by my friend at C'loni Studios! While Celene is seen with a silver mask in game, we decided to go with shiny gold to match the details of her vivid blue and gold dress.

C'loni's Empress Celene cosplay from the front C'loni's Empress Celene cosplay from the side C'loni's Empress Celene cosplay from the back

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Live Date: 7/15/2015 | Last Modified: 7/15/2015